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Cancer Wellbeing at Ardencote

Spa treatments for those undergoing treatment for cancer, living with cancer or with a history of cancer can make an incredible difference to wellbeing. Specialised skills are employed in spa treatments for those affected by cancer, including subtle energy techniques, mindful touch, reflexology, acupressure and comfort massage.

Our Destination Spa introduces a new range of Wellness for Cancer treatments. Our routines have been designed very specifically for the needs of cancer patients so that they do not need to compromise deep tissues but soothe tension and tired muscles instead. Our products have been Oncologist approved and selected to help repair and restore sensitive skin.

At Ardencote we have a deep understanding of what cancer is, the staging and grading of cancer and how the medical treatment of cancer can affect the need to adapt our bespoke spa treatments. We understand that each person’s cancer journey is different, so our treatments are carefully tailored to suit every individual and allows all of our clients to access the deeply therapeutic effects. Our therapists know the optimum time to deliver massage during the different phases of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapies.


  • Hand on Heart Treatment £80

    Our Hand on Heart is a 90 minute holistic treatment focusing on the back, head and face using a series of slow gentle touch. This treatments purpose is to help reduce anxiety and stress levels to help the client access a quiet meditative state. The nurturing movements and slow rhythmic touch quieten the body and mind. The treatment can be bespoke to suit anyone going through cancer and uses 100% organic Made for Life products (suitable for people diagnosed and recovering from cancer).

    It is important to start with telling your therapist the type of cancer you have, so we can avoid direct massage of the area. If you have any soreness or discomfort from surgery, we can provide extra cushions to protect any areas of discomfort or adjust your position


  • I have cancer, am I allowed to have a massage?

    Massage is an ancient technique that involves manipulating muscles and rubbing or stroking soft tissues of the body. Massage is considered a type of complementary therapy. Complementary therapies aim to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease. Massages are used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

    Other touch-based therapies include shiatsu and acupressure, reflexology and therapeutic touch. They are based on the theory derived from traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the mantra that everyone has a special type of energy that can be worked on for health benefits.

    While massages do not treat the cancer itself, it may help reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improve quality of life and general wellbeing.

    As well as improve physical symptoms, some people with cancer say that having a massage:

    • Makes them feel whole again
    • Helps them to relax
    • Helps them share feelings in an informal setting
    • Makes them feel more positive about their body
    • Rebuilds hope
  • What are the benefits of massage if I have cancer?

    Research shows that massages may reduce:

    • Pain
    • Fatigue
    • Nausea
    • Anxiety and depression

    Those who have had massages during cancer treatments have reported a range of positive outcomes such as improvements in:

    • Sleep
    • The health of scar tissue
    • Quality of life
    • Mental clarity and energy levels
    • The range of movement
  • What products will you use?

    We will use Made for Life Organic products that will nourish your body both inside and out. The products are developed from an orthodox medical background, the products have been developed by combining dermatological science with the strength and purity of botanicals.

    We will use a gentle and natural 100% organic ingredients in Made for Life products which will be sensitised to your skin. All product formulations are created by hand in Cornwall using the synergy of organic herbs, flowers and oils to be both effective and uplifting. Made for Life does not add any synthetic chemicals, including parabens and their products are the application of pure nature with the skin – no more, no less.

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