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Situated just a short drive from the historic town of Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon is the Ardencote Manor Hotel. Set at the heart of the Ardencote is The Spa, which is surrounded by 83 acres manicured grounds and the glorious Warwickshire countryside. The Spa invites you to take time out, relax, unwind and drift away from the pressures of everyday life.

From ancient techniques through to the wonders of modern day advances, Ardencote Spa provides you with a comprehensive range of massage and body treatments, to cater for the individual needs of your physical well-being, through to your desired emotional state.


Aromatherapy Body Massage - £50

Aromatherapy uses the power of essential oils to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Indulge the senses and experience total relation with a light pressure full body massage.


Muscle Buster - £50

An intensive full body massage, ideal for the sports person. Uplifting and energising essential oils to help stimulate and invigorate. Scalp massage, muscular release, lymphatic drainage and foot reflex point massage are all used to re-balance the body and mind. (55min)


Swedish Massage - £45

A distinctly European, full body massage that is medium in pressure and utilises a combination of Swedish techniques, which helps soothe tired, strained muscles, whilst promoting detoxification and stimulating blood circulation. Leaves you feeling completely invigorated and re-energised. (55min)


De-Stress Me Massage - £40

Help rejuvenate tired, painful muscles from your shoulders to the soles of your feet, with this complete de-stress treatment. A series of deep tissue moves are used on the back concentrating on knots, to alleviate stress and tension. The scalp is then given a thorough work out and the treatment is completed with a pressure point massage to over worked feet. A perfect treatment to disperse tension. (40min)


Indian Head Massage - £40

Drawing on ancient Indian techniques, this treatment is a complete upper body conditioning therapy, focusing on energy centres for the head, neck and scalp. By using key acupressure points to relieve stress and tension, this helps to release the flow of energy promoting a sense of renewal. (40min)


Thai Herbal Massage - £55

Drawing on Asian traditions from Centuries ago, these warm herbal poultices, containing up to 20 exotic Thai Herbs and Spices, are applied by bringing a medicinal heat to the muscles, creating purifying and detoxifying treatment. This full body massage treatment works deep into the muscles, relaxing and re-energising the whole body. (55min)


Bamboo Massage - Full Body Massage (55min) - £50

Bamboo Massage - Back Massage (25min) - £35

This is highly effective lymph drainage massage that will help to drain excess fluid from the body/back. The bamboo bio extract, which is used throughout the treatment, gives the skin wonderful nourishing and restoring properties.


Back Massage - £33

Focusing on the specific areas of the back, neck and shoulders to release muscle tension at a deep level. (25min)


Pevonia Stone Rejuvenate - £85

Revitalise and renew with the ultimate and complete head-to-toe experience with this cleansing and massage ritual. The most luxurious of stone treatments. The treatment includes a peronalised facial, body polish, massage and stone placement. The skin will be left cleansed, glowing with health and vitality, whilst the body's tension has melted away. (110min)


Pevonia Stone Relax - £75

Stimulate and unwind whilst experiencing a sensory journey for a complete holistic approach to relaxation. A full body massage is given to include scalp and face. Warmed basalt stone are used to stimulate the body's own ability to release stress and restore peace bringing out a state of deep relaxation. (85min)


Pevonia Stone Refresh - £40

Hot stone back massage is a unique treatment of heated stones applied with the oil to the back in a way that brings about relief to sore stiff muscles, releasing tension, and ensures tranquility and a more balances flow of energy. A foot and scalp massage complete this treatment. (40min)


Lava Shells Back Massage - £25

The warmth of the tropics in the palm of your hands....
Lava shell massage is a relaxing massage that uses heat, during a lava shell massage the therapist uses real shells from the Philippines to gently massage your back. (25min)


Full Body Lava Shells Massage - £50

The warmth of the tropics in the palm of your hands....
Lava shell massage is a relaxing massage that uses heat, during a lava shell massage the therapist uses real shells from the Philippines to gently massage your body. (55min)


Massage Chair

15 Minutes £15, 25 Minutes £20, 30 Minutes £25, 45 Minutes £40, 55 Minutes £50


For more information please contact our spa reception team on 01926 842000 or email