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Superfast Fibre Optic Wi-Fi Internet Access


Ardencote upgrades its Internet connectivity to rival Urban Venues!

The Ardencote Manor Hotel has invested heavily in a fibre optic internet connection, vastly improving connectivity and reliability.  This provides speeds you might only expect in urban hotels and venues, in our beautiful rural setting.  
To ensure that you get the best out of your conference or event, Ardencote has provided some key information on internet services, as below.

When enquiring with the Ardencote for your conference or event, we kindly request that you provide full details of the internet services you require, to give you the best possible experience.  Please provide these details at least 7 working days prior to your event date.


The Ardencote is able to offer Conference delegates and organisers:

  • Faster access for delegates who now need to "connect" when they are in conference
  • Access to online standard resolution video streaming
  • Single point to point video conferencing
  • Live browsing as part of presentations
  • Dedicated conference wireless access points


In addition to The Hotel's standard offer, we have many upgrade options available which must be arranged in advance:  

  • Multiple users needing to access rich media content (e.g. Video)
  • Multi-point video conferencing
  • High definition video streaming
  • Single user VPN for presenter to connect to their office network to download content / demonstrate software etc. (dependant on the VPN and software being used)
  • Multiple user VPN access to company network  (dependant on the VPN and software being used)
  • Multiple user access for live software testing / demonstration


The Non-Conference Guest Internet Access:

This FREE facility enables guests to access the internet to browse websites and emails only.  Please note the speed of individual connection is limited for downloading and uploading.  Many high bandwidth services such as those for video, file downloads and updates are restricted to ensure a consistent experience for all of our guests.


IT support and specialist requirements:

If you have a need for any specialist requirements or support, the Ardencote's external IT support consultants can be made available to assist you during your event.  They can also provide support for Windows, Mac and Linux systems if you feel there may be a problem using these devices onsite.   Fees will apply for these services and a quotation can be provided on request. 

For more information on Internet connectivity at the Ardencote Manor Hotel, please contact our Conference & Events Team on 01926 8413111 or email