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Kenilworth Castle


Kenilworth Castle A vast medieval fortress which became an Elizabethan palace, Kenilworth Castle is one of Britain's largest and most impressive historic sites. Extensive recent developments highlight its famous associations with Queen Elizabeth I and her favourite, Robert Dudley, including the recreation of the garden which was designed to astound visitors, including Elizabeth I at a time when Dudley still hoped to marry her.

As part of a multi-million pound English Heritage investment in Kenilworth Castle, Leicester's Gatehouse - long closed to the public - is now displayed fully restored. Chambers on its lower floors have been recreated as they might have appeared when the gatehouse was last inhabited in the 1930s, while the top floor houses 'The Queen and the Castle: Robert Dudley's Kenilworth'. Featuring items both from museums and private collections, this exhibition tells the story of Elizabeth I's relationship with Dudley, and her four visits to Kenilworth.

Kenilworth Castle is the largest castle ruin in England. The castle has lost what was once its most striking feature, the great lake, a kilometre long and half a kilometre wide, which practically surrounded the medieval castle.

Although now in ruins, you can still see the red sandstone remains of the Norman keep, John of Gaunt's Great Hall, and the residential buildings Robert Dudley built for the visiting Queen Elizabeth, as well as a restored Tudor garden and Tudor stables.

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